This too shall pass

Ok, so I’ve missed six days in my “daily-reflection-birthday-experiment”.  Oh, well.  Day 7 & 8 kind of slipped by unnoticed–was just too tired to reflect!  I was set to post on Day 9 but it felt too forced–wasn’t really feeling it.  Day 10 & 11 were overcast with serious worry and stress about my eldest and I needed to retreat.  As my grandmother used to say, I needed to “stew in it” for a bit.   

And that’s ok.  This is meant to be an experiment that helps keep me centered.  I do not want it to become a burden.   There is a fine between ritual and obligation.  (This is my new mantra these days: It’s a fine line).  I’m seriously wondering if setting this up as a daily practice is not only impractical but not really conducive to my needs.  I’m looking for deeper reflection and these quick, daily doses keeps the practice too superficial.  Something for me to think about…

Anyway, with the blur of these recent worrisome days, I’ve tried hard to put things in perspective.  As the proverb goes, “This too shall pass”.   And it does pass, so quickly.   I just blink my eye and…Thomas is a fourth grader!  I’ve been at the Women’s Center for 10 years!  Michael and I have been married for sixteen daggone years!  Kate is a teenager!  And Meg’s pacifier-independent (well, mostly). Where does it go?  This was just today (THREE YEARS AGO!). 



I don’t want to be in the moment at the expense of this larger perspective… This too shall pass.  And it does, every moment, every hour, every day.  




2 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. Hi Amy. I love the photo of your adorable children (of course I keep up on your family through your mother, my dear childhood friend). I also love your phrase, “This too shall pass, and it does every minute, every hour, every day” How True!!

  2. Thank you, Judy! It’s only been a month since you commented–I’ve taken a bit of hiatus from my blog (as you can see!). Live has a way of laughing at our good intentions, huh?

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